Blankophor - Your Specialist for Optical Brighteners

Leverkusen GmbH & Co. KG is a manufacturer of fluorescent whitening agents (also known as "whiteners"), which belong to the group of optical brighteners. The main application area of BLANKOPHOR® products is in the paper industry.


In addition to the product range of the optical brighteners, we serve our customers with a broad portfolio of various shading dyes, surface sizing agents and quenchers.


In the area of our technical services, we offer the development of cost-optimized whitening concepts for our customers. Our application technology creates laboratory studies and makes product comparisons of optical brighteners, also in combination with nuancing dyes.


Our application technology is also available for internal and external training in the field of brighteners.




Furthermore, we have the possibility to carry out extensive tests on our company-owned trial paper machine at the factory in Leverkusen.